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I'm not really updating this website anymore as I'm too busy keeping other online resources up to date.

Information about the V2_Lab projects that I have been involved in, some wallpapers and freewarez are over here, and here is my bio.

Most of my machinima can be seen at http://youtube.com/evolutie, and there is a selection of them at http://evolutie.blip.tv.

Creative Machinery

I also have a lot of them at the website of my business Creative Machinery. The Creative Machinery news blog is the best place to find out what I'm working on.

Dorkbot SL

The frequency of organizing Dorkbot sessions is not very high, but whenever things happen information can be found at the dorkbot blog.


News about CrossLab is at the main CrossLab blog. Experimentation, workshops etc. are maintained at the DIY blog. Videos of lunchevents, student presentations, exhibitions etc. can be seen at crosslab.blip.tv/

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